Monday, March 2, 2009

homey things (get ready for an extra-long post)

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Alex and I have been getting quite a few things done around the house lately (before he fell sick this week - feel better Alex!). Project number one on my to do list was to clean up the huge clothes-monster that had been accumulating near my bed for the past few months. And at first, I didnt know how to rectify this situation other than by forcing myself to fold things and put them away every day instead of throwing them on the ground (and we all knew that wasnt quite going to work out)...

AND THEN I read an article by this woman who's belief is that organization isnt always having "a place for everything and everything in its place," but that you must figure out a way of organizing your things that you will actually stick to. This made sense to me. Because I throw my clothes in the same spot on the floor every damn day, I should get some sort of hamper or table that I can throw my clothes in/on to hide them from people's eyes and at the same time, not even try to change my bad habit. GENIOUS!

This is what Emma and I came up with (she helped me pick something at Hunt and Gather, and then helped load it awkwardly into the trunk of my Geo - thanks again Emma!). Soon I will purchase some bins or baskets for the shelf underneath to stash my running piles of a) sweaters/cardigan and b) favorite jeans.

This way, I also have counter-space for a jewelry box (that I can finally use!) and some scarfs. I wear those a lot too...

Project number two was to finally get some sort of matching nightstands, also for the bedroom. Since moving in (Alex has been using moving boxes) we just havent been able to find anything we like! Theyre either too big, too tall, too expensive, or not the right color. I of course, wanted white.

So we finally thought of a solution - shelves! We would install small wall shelves instead! ANOTHER GENIOUS IDEA! Alex Ikea hacked these by getting two loose bookcase shelves (for $2!) and brackets from the as-is section, mounting them to the wall, and adding these cute, also from Ikea, wall-mounted lamps (ps: they make for great mood lighting) with cable organizers that we will eventually paint to match the wall color... yay!

Project number three on my list of things to do for the house was to get a bunch of little white frames and frame pictures and ephemera that I have been saving up for years, and hang them in little photo-collages in the dining room. Instant charm!

Now I just worry that every time the upstairs neighbors exercise, the frames will be jiggled off-level... and that might just drive me NUTS (I'll keep you updated). More homey things to come!
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