Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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I'm getting better at doing things, everyone! Tonight, I added a button (been there), sewed a hem (done that), AND I PUT IN A ZIPPER! And I did all of this using my trusty hand-me-down Singer sewing machine (it's embarrassing that this is the first time I've used it) The first two apply to this little green denim skirt that I picked up at Rewind Vintage's 25% off sale (see also the grey coat). It was MASSIVE beforehand, and definitely something I would never wear, but look at it now! It is such a small baby!

The zipper part comes in with this cute little 50's dress, given to me by Emma several years ago. She and I both kept fixing busted seams and ripping zippers, frantically trying to do something to keep the fabric on top from coming apart (you can see some of the tears and patches in the photo) and it was finally time to do something drastic to rescue this adorable number. I could not bear to just not wear it at all... So I made it into a skirt! All I had to do was cut off the top, fold over the fabric to make a waistband and sew in a new, shorter, zipper. Et Voila!

Now, I have one last thing (ha) that I planned to alter, but am now re-thinking... I got this 70's dress at Tatters the other day for $10, and as soon as I saw that cute neckline and floral pattern, I thought what a cute spring mini-dress you would make (because I am OBVIOUSLY dying for the spring to come)! So I was going to take it home and hem it way up, like with the green denim skirt, but as I was taking the before pictures of it, I thought maybe it looks too beautiful as it is to chop off? Right now, it's very Beth from the Vintage Society (Edit: whos blog is down right now for some scary reason, sorry). What do you guys think? I could definitely use some advice on this one. Here are some pictures:

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