Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's just so much!

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That I've been meaning to blog about! It's like I have 7 posts up my sleeve, and not enough days to post them! I will do what I can, but in the MEAN TIME...

Today was a very nice day. Not only was it literally beautiful outside (I didnt really even need a coat!), but I spent the whole day hanging out with myself, doing things me and myself like to do. Like going thrift and vintage store shopping, and drinking coffee and talking to the cute shoe-store girl who told me I should buy the boots cuz they were hot. It was fun. These are (some of) the things I tried on:

(These blazers weren't exactly what I was looking for, so neither of them came home with me) Edit: Weird! Betty recently posted a blazer very similar to the red one I tried on today!

(These two pairs are Michael by Michael Kors, and they were SO COMFORTABLE, but I didnt get them either)

(These two pairs are the ones I ended up getting, N.Y.L.A. and Steve Madden)

But that's enough about shoes for now.

One last thing though. Go check out my new style icon over at Park&Cube. SHE IS SO AWESOME.
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