Monday, August 4, 2008


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I have a problem here, people. I have to say that it seems unlike my dear friend Emma, I do not wear all of the shoes that I own. No. Which is a very disappointing thing indeed, because now I have to convince myself to get rid of some. Is it possible to choose? And if so, how do I choose which ones over which others? This is a very hard thing to do for a girl. "How does this always happen to me?" I ask myself. "Why can't I just only buy the shoes that are cute AND I will wear?" Well, you see... this is why, I think.

Oh Steve Madden! It MUST be all your fault! All four pairs of flats you see up there are totally Steve Maddens. "What type of tragic shoes-hoarding spell have you put upon me Steve Madden?"

Anywho. I need a vote here. Which one should I get rid of? I absolutely can't get rid of the little gray lovelies to the far right, because I just bought them yesterday. Help. Okay, go.
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