Friday, August 1, 2008

Saddest news for my first real post...

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Jocelyn Chase "Jacob Yuzna, Filmmaker, 2008"

The Minnesota Center for Photography announced on Wednesday, July 30th 2008, that it would be closing its doors after a years-long struggle of operating in the black. A nationally and internationally renowned gallery and photography center and resource, it will be gravely missed in our community. The icing on top of the cake for this one is that all of the work that was scheduled for exhibition this year, including the lovely and talented Jocelyn Chase above, will be cancelled. Never to be seen at the MCP... ever. Oh, the humanity!

What will photographers do now? Go print at Eric's, I guess...

More work that will never be shown at MCP:

Avye Alexandres "Sorting the Coats, 2007"

Abinadi Meza "The Hypnotist's Refrain, 2007"

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