Friday, April 19, 2013


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Alright people, the Spring is finally (almost) upon us, and it is almost warm enough to begin work on the outside of the house (so long as it doesnt snow again). And so, I have dubbed this summer in anticipation, 2013 THE YEAR OF THE EXTERIOR. We plan to install a brick patio for lounging (complete with string lights!), build some landscaping beds and plant a ton of plants (around the entire property, as we have almost none. You may remember the crazy invasive vines and fallen tree we had to excavate late summer last year). We also need to reseed the grass, spruce up/paint/organize the shed, and possibly install a new wood privacy fence, something like this (I havent gotten a quote yet, so that could be a next year project... but I am crossing my fingers that we can make it happen!)

In doing some prep-work and research for the projects, I have found THIS PLANT. A gorgeous antique climbing rose plant called Ramblin' Red, which I would like to use in the backyard, against the back fence, which would also climb over the right side of the shed. Wouldnt that look incredible!?! Supposedly it spreads quickly and is pretty hardy (which is required, due to my black thumb and complete lack of gardening experience). Well, first things first, of course.

We plan to procure tons of sand and vintage cobblestone street bricks soon, and will dig out the lawn to install the brick patio. Also, our local compost site has free mulch and sometimes black dirt! Then we can begin thinking about a fence, painting, and planting. I am hoping to find plants for free on Craigslist and Freecycle to get us going this year. Although, if you know any other good leads for free/cheap plants, it would be most appreciated! I am looking for hydrangeas, herbs, low ground-cover type plants, and possibly some small perrenials and shrubbery.

Here is my ideal patio/garden space (photo of Veronika's backyard via Tick Tock Vintage), with the lights, bricks, wood fence and fluffy hydrangea bushes. CANT WAIT.

And this is allll before I've even thought about patio furniture (Well, I've thought about it of course), but I dont know how I'm going to afford it. I'd like some teak furniture that ages to a nice silvery-wood color over time and requires virtually no maintenance. BUT, you know.. spendy. The set below is from Room and Board, and the table alone is $999. Ikea has some nice things too for cheaper. But it's still higher than I'd ideally spend this summer. Craigslist trolling will continue, forever and always.

More soon!
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