Tuesday, March 5, 2013

some new things

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Alex and I went out to breakfast at the Day by Day Cafe on West 7th the other day and it was awesome (and awesomely cheap!) Then we stopped at an antique store next door when we noticed they were having a sale. I picked up an adorable little first-knuckle ring with a hand on it and Alex bought a pristine vintage Kodak darkroom timer to use as a kitchen timer! Then we decided to haul ourselves over to the mall to get Alex some new work shoes (which we did not find) but lo and behold I found a pair of great tan wedge booties on super sale (of course I did), and could not resist bringing them home. Alex also picked up new perfume/cologne for each of us from Banana Republic (they were all so good, guys! it was hard to decide!) since we were both out. So I decided to take a photo of our goods, since they looked so nice together...

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