Thursday, November 8, 2012

new boots, new boots!

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I just received a pair of new boots in the mail! A pair of vintage, Red Wing Irish Setter's in a darker cognac colored leather. I cant tell you how long I've been pining for a pair like this. And I thought it would be prefect timing if I let myself splurge on a pair, as this week is the Annual MCAD Art Sale! I am on my feet all day, for long 10 - 15 hour days all week, installing art in the galleries, gathering lunch for the crew and general non-sense. These work boots have Lug soles and should be the perfect thing to keep my feet from aching (at least a litte bit), especially when I drop in a pair of the highest-rated Dr. Scholl's on top of that! I bought a half size up just for that reason.

After wearing them for the first couple of days, they are every bit as comfortable as I thought they would be, though they still need some breaking in, especially in the leather upper, which is still a bit stiff. Cross your fingers that they were well worth the wait and the dollahs!
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