Thursday, July 12, 2012

thrift staples

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I havent been spending much on things for myself lately, other than the occasional thrift store item or haircut. (I have too many real-life adult-type-things to pay for, BOOOOOOH-RING) But I have collected a few things that have instantly become favorites. Here, I will show you them!

1) I'm sure you've noticed, but I got this market bag in LA recently at the Melrose Flea, and I immediately made it my regular bag. It's awesome because of the real leather handles, sturdy woven bucket shape, and it's big enough to take a cardigan and lunch with me to work everyday or even to throw a few groceries in on my way home from work!

2) Also in the picture above, is a simple tan jersey skirt that I just love! It has a weird thing at the top near the waistband, but I roll it up whenever I wear it and that does three things: gives it a cute paper-bag waist AND hides the weird thing AND makes it exactly the right length, just below the knee. It is also so so so comfortable and ladylike at the same time! Love everything about this skirt!

3) You've probably seen these black espadrilles in my outfit pictures for awhile too, because I wear them all the time! I found them at the thrift store and immediately recognized them as the exact same pair I have from Target, but in a different color (and a half size smaller, which is actually perfect). So I nabbed 'em and made sure to donate my other pair (they were this color). Black just goes with everything!

4) The perfect white tee shirt. This one is Mossimo for Target's Boyfriend Tee. I thrifted it of course, but it is the absolute perfect vee neck tee, complete with tiny pocket, that is long enough (it is way long) to tuck into jeans and skirts AND its super soft. I even sleep in it sometimes. I am in love with it.

5) ALSO PERFECT (I think I use this word too much) black skinny jeans. They're not the ideal (read: PERFECT J. Crew High Waisted Skinny Jean in Black),  but until I can afford to shell out $168 on a pair of jeans, these will have to do. And I do think they're just about there! This is my most recent thrifted find, so I havent worn them yet BUT I can see wearing these all the time. See my inspiration pins here, here and here, among others.

What are your wardrobe staples? I've always wondered if they're the same for everyone (or should be, the way that all of the magazines tell you you need at least one of each of these... ugh.) or if they're simply what you end up loving and wearing most? Thoughts?

FYI, Expect several fashion-related posts coming up. SO MUCH.

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