Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Year (Married) Anniversary

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Alex and I have been together for almost 9 years now, can you believe it? I couldnt begin to imagine a life without him. And its strange, being used to celebrating another year and another year of being together, to celebrating month by month of marriage, and finally 1 single year all over again. On Memorial Day, after a whirlwind weekend in which a couple of our friends stayed at our apartment with us (more on that later), we celebrated our very first year of Marriage!

We went to Meritage in St. Paul (which I have had on my list to go to forevarrrr) and it was delicious. I had escargots, a variety of oysters (yum) and a 1/2 lobster. They even brought us a little champagne on the house to celebrate! Alex gave me an awesome necklace with a fleur-de-lis on it (!) and I gave him a pair of Left Field selvedge denim jeans from Black Blue.

This past year has flown by for us, but it still feels like such an amazing milestone. Alex makes me happier every single day I spend with him, and I could be more giddy (read: Barffffff!) about it.
To celebrate, I've rounded-up some of my most favorite photos of the two of us from the past 9 years.

2004 Camping Trip, gotta love 4 megapixel cameras!
2006, Bemidji MN
2007, hanging out at the Boys' place
2007, Black&White Ball
Our first Christmas living together, 2008
2009 Dance Party, Minneapolis MN
2009, Duluth MN
I love this picture of us doing charades at a friends' cabin, 2009
2010, playing around with Photobooth as usual!
I never pass up an opportunity to show the famous proposal photobooth! San Fransisco, 2010
At our Groom's Dinner at the Bulldog Uptown, 2011
Our Wedding day, 2011
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