Thursday, February 2, 2012

pile o stuff

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You guys,

My hideous pile of thrifted/vintaged/swapped stuff has grown (I have a spot for that kind of thing, right inside the door to our apartment), and I can't wait to show them off. Actually, I walk by the pile everyday when I get home from work, and I really just cant wait to wear all of them! I've even got some outfit inspiration pins for ideas. I have just been so busy lately, so much so that in the evenings I just dont want to do anything that requires getting up off of my warm spot on the couch. Which is too bad, because it really has been so nice outside lately (40s?!?). However, tonight I'm going out to a girls happy hour at Sweeney's, so I cant wait for that! Maybe I'll even whip out some new swapped items for the occasion. We'll see...

I know I've been a lazy blogger, but I will hopefully be back to my regularly-scheduled posting soon. Heart you guys! Oh and if you're new here, I really suggest you follow me on Bloglovin (I just cant sing the praises enough)!

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