Sunday, January 1, 2012

feeling ambitious

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I dont talk much about my career goals on this blog, or even life plans. I started this blog as an outlet for interests that had no relevance in what I liked to think of as my "real life." And yes, my blog world and real worlds have been colliding this year, more and more each day. But I have been feeling pretty inspired lately in the career department. Yes, I think I have some new plans and new ambitions, and while I dont think I'm fully ready to commit 100 percent to them now, its a start.

I am really thankful to have the wonderful job I have now, at MCAD. I am so lucky to be in the place that I am. Besides it being my alma matter (MCAD 4 EVAH), it's an arts organization chock full of creative students, artists, designers and staff. I am inspired by the people around me daily. I also got quite (unexpectedly) interested in arts administration during my time at the Children's Theatre Company (next door!). So am happy to feel like I somehow make a difference in peoples' lives, especially fellow artists' lives.

However, I think in the years to come I would like to make a change. I would like the chance to spread my wings and become more independent. I want to photograph, collaborate, challenge and inspire myself. I want to be a part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul's bourgeoning young creative entrepreneur scene, and support others making work like myself.

I know now that I can also dabble, yes dabble! I can make things, blog, photograph when I want to, and not photograph other times, attempt to model clothes when asked, blog some more and enjoy my amazing little life with my amazing husband. I want to take advantage of all of those things, and to take the opportunities that each present to me!

Here's to the coming year, and to not simply achieving your goals, but to also defining them, changing them, and being excited about those goals! Because I've learned that those are important too. In fact, maybe more so.

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