Monday, July 25, 2011

this weekend

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Had such a busy weekend spent having great dinners, spending time with great friends, and getting to know new ones. Emma and I also went to all of the vintage sales Saturday (of which there were LOTS, WTF?), then to the first ever MN Fashion Blogger Meetup! (More on that later!) Then over to sister in law's for tacos and beer. It was such a long day, but totally worth it. Then Sunday was spent at a bbq/wrap party eating cucumber salads and drinking cucumber drinks (cucumber all of the time!). This morning I've already gone out for iced coffee and puppy dot tails (YUM) at Isles Bun and Coffee and begun to prepare for the Hello Ladies Vintage Sale next weekend (more later on that too!). Gonna be another long day, I think... OR MAYBE I'll just watch Glee in my underwear all day. We'll see.

Oh mah god, I feel so scatterbrained. Could you tell from the previous paragraph that I have no idea where to start? Welllll, I dont. Ill try sorting it out and will let you know. Kay.

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