Friday, April 8, 2011

new website

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Hey y'all, I've made a new website for my photography! I had been wanting to switch over to a blog format for a long long time, and finally caved recently when I stumbled across a really simple, easy to edit photo blog template. It still will need a bit of tweaking of course, and some new work added. But I like it so far. I really makes me feel like I got something accomplished, and now I can cancel my monthly web hosting bill, yay!

Edit: And now that I've gotten sooo much done this week, its time to party. Last night I went out to Sweeney's with some best friends, tonight we go for drinks and a midnight movie double-date style, and tomorrow I am being thrown a bitchin brunch time bridal shower! This weekend's gonna be so great, how about you? Got nuthin? You should have a dance off!
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