Thursday, July 1, 2010


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7.1.10, originally uploaded by allison the valiant.

MAN, I havent taken a wardrobe_remix since we were in San Francisco over a month ago! Back to it Allison!

Alright, now I know this isnt the most ideal spot for my new pictures... but its clear of art, furniture and radiators. Which is rare in this new place. Maybe Ill keep looking. Anywho! Today is Alex and my 7th anniversary! Time flies. Also, as we were laying in bed this morning, not wanting to get up, Alex pointed out to me that this wil be our last Anniversary before we are married! Next year, the number will start over! I am very excited.

dress: J. Crew (can you believe it?!?), thrifted from Savers
tee: abercrombie, a million bazillion years old
socks: (I finally got some trouser socks!!) Target
sandals: vintage, thrifted from Everyday People

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