Tuesday, June 29, 2010

its serious time

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Okay, the big news in case any of you out there didnt know already, is that Alex and I are engaged. How awesome! Alex is the sweetest person, and knows me all too well. He wanted to find a photo booth to propose to me in while we were in San Francisco, because he knows I LOVE THEM, and low and behold I found one and immediately said A PHOTOBOOTH LETS DO ITTTTT. Good one, me! Also, the photos are pretty classic...

Also, the apartment "updates" are going pretty well! We finally got our couch from the Room & Board Outlet and have been doing some little updates in the kitchen and bedroom. I love it so much, I never want to leeeeaaaaave! And because of the awesome location we are in, we've pretty much done more and gone to more places and events already this summer than we did last summer combined! Alli and Alex FTW! Pictures!

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