Wednesday, May 19, 2010

california dreaminnn

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I cant believe it has been so long since my last post! It seems like we visited that old house so long ago. But I suppose its because we've been so caught up in all kinds of things that May seemed to have just passed by! Yes, we are leaving for California on Thursday and there has been so much preparation to do before we leave. We come back on the 29th and immediately move into our brand new apartment the next day! I dont know what we were thinking, but our previous landlords really didnt give us much choice to more right away in June when our lease was up, because otherwise we would have had to pay $50 more/mo. to go month to month. Yuk. All is well and good though, because we are so overjoyed with our new place! It has everything we've been dreaming of (except off street parking spots... we'll see how that goes), including hardwood floors, woodwork, antique buffet, checkered floors in the sunroom, plenty of windows, plenty of closets (!), cheaper rent, and in the heart of all that will be going on in Uptown this summer.

We are so excited to be all settled in at our new place that we almost forgot to get excited for California! No that it is practically upon us, I've been planning out my packing, and decided I needed to draw some inspiration from lovely bloggers (some California girls themselves!), in order to narrow my list down a little and keep it simple! My good friend Emma has been testing that theory out recently, and I intent to do the same. Less is more! Plan outfits ahead of time! Match separates! Pack less shoes!

Here are some of the things I hope to wear (similar, of course, this is my wardrobe we're talking about here...) in chilly San Francisco and warm and sunny Los Angeles!

*Headscarf and little vintage sandals like CaliVintage, I WISH I had a pair of shortalls like Siri (I'll keep my eyes peeled), jeans with a baggy cardigan and scarf thanks to this lovely from the SF Style, maybe a floppy hat like Kennedy Holmes, lots of black...*

And since we leave so soon, I may not be able to post again in awhile. I am sad, but have decided to leave my beloved lappy at home for the trip, to keep my packing (again) light and simple. At least we have Alex's iPhone to get around and perhaps make a few quick posts, but the majority of my blogging will be done when I return! I will be taking lots and LOTS of film pictures and cant wait to see how they come out. I am sure the California coast and highway 1 will at least do them justice! Then there are the new apartment photos that are sure to follow that. So until then, dear friends and readers (ah, how few and beloved you are!), please have a great week and enjoy these other bloggers, I know they will more than suffice!!!

*and lots of pretty floaty dresses like Francesca*

photos from The Snail and the Cyclops, Kennedy Holmes, CaliVintage, The SF Style, and one of Ringo, Have a Banana (though I dont know who took it).
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