Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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I just had to share some things I recently thrifted! Ive really only been buying a select few things for the shop lately, and not for myself, but these two were NO BRAINERS. The bag is originally from H&M, and I dont know how I missed it while it was in stores, because I would have totally bought it full price FOR SURE. But Im glad I didnt see it because I only paid $12.00 for it at the Buffalo Exchange (and really it was free because I traded). It will be perfect for a trip Alex and I are planning for later this spring (more about that later, when our plans are more concrete).

The shoes ARE SO PERFECT, I cant believe I got them at Savers for like $4.00 or something ridiculous like that... Also, I dont know if the vintage SAS brand is sought-after at all, but they should be! They look just like the Swedish Has-Beens that are so popular right now, except that the heel is not wood. They are pretty much never worn, with a really cushy padded suede insole instead. And while most people would wish they were in a color for spring, like yellow or red, I am so glad they're in black (I am so boring)! I know I will be able to wear them with everything! And thats lucky for me, because my basic go-to sandals from last summer are on their last legs anyways.

Anywho, I just thought I would share because it seems like so many fellow bloggers are finding some really amazing thrift finds right now! Is that because its almost spring and everyone wants to do more shopping lately?
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