Sunday, March 14, 2010

day trippin yeah

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the boy and I are off on a little adventure to the land of albertville. so Ive donned my best new dress (thanks mom!) and some shmancy pants lipstick and now Im ready to go! Although we'll see if its nice enought outside for bare legs in actuality. I am a huge wuss. catchya all lataz.

oh ps: did a little tweaking to the blog last night. I think it looks a little cleaner this way. although I do STILL have to figure out "previous and next post" buttons for the bottom. For some reason this template didnt come with them, and NOW I DONT KNOW HOW TO GET THEM BACK. Any help you guys could give would be awesome. I am stumped.

dress: Urban (gift from my mom out of NOWHERE!)
necklace: F21, key pendant: found
cardigan: Shumacker, from Buffalo Exchange
shoes: $5 at DSW last year!
lipstick: Revlon matte lipstick
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