Monday, February 15, 2010

valentines day weekend!

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I had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, Alex and I had some friends over to watch the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics! We had some snacks, some drinks, and some good old fashioned laid-back fun. It was perfect just sitting on the couch and watching tv and talking and catching up. Here are some pictures, even though we didnt really take many... but you can see the olympic rings cupcakes I made! Bitchin!

Then this Saturday, Emma and I went shoe shopping! She had a gift certificate to the Nordstrom Rack, which had an amazing shoe selection I might add!! And I was looking for something crazy/fancy for the opening of Foot in the Door 4 at the MIA (we both have work in the show). They are having a "best feet in the door" kind of competition, and Emma and I have decided to stand out!! I ended up deciding on some grey and white snakeskin print pumps (but they came in teenage mutant ninja turtle green too!! hahaaaaa) and not the red sued ones below... but needless to say, I had a lot of fun!

Yesterday was also a great day! Although Alex and I were playing down Valentines Day, (we plan on going on a romantic little mini vacation next weekend!), we did end up going to the best brunch I've ever had. We went to The Citizen, which we've been to for lunch before, but this was spectacular. The food is always great, the people are very friendly and the atmosphere is just so cozy and cute. It was packed of course, but we didnt mind... We spend the rest of the day just lazing around and watching the Sopranos beginning with the very first episode, and then got ourselves off of the couch in just enough time for a friends' closing party at the Rogue Buddha Gallery. Sponsored by l'etoile magazine, "Til Death Do Us Part" by Karen O'Bryan and R.M. Hanson was super fun. Karen and I have sort of been internet-friends for awhile now, so it was nice to see her in person (Hi Karen! I had fun!). We also stopped at the 331 club for some drinks and trivia before we headed home. PERFECT DAY!

I am sure I will be recounting similar and lovely tales from the great white north when we go on our trip next weekend! And hopefully we'll get a little antique shop stops in on the way. I am so looking forward to it!
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