Saturday, November 7, 2009

too much change

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Everything I love about Uptown seems to be changing. And not for the better, recently. I dont know about you guys, but dont you totally mourn when a store or restaurant you've always loved in your area closes down? Well in this case, the whole Uptown area seems to be moving towards the end of an era. Shiny new multi-level retail buildings everywhere, are replacing old landmarks.

Several of Uptown's gems have recently closed. First it was Figlio's restuarant (picture above from chacha bella on Flickr), which had been there for 20 years and almost single-handedly begun Uptown's ascent into hot spot territory. It is going to reopen as a new restaurant, care of the infamous parasol restaurant company...

Next was the legendary Uptown Bar, which fueled the underground music scene in Minneapolis in the 80's (and beyond). And actually, upon going to their website, I just found out that it has been around since the 1930's! You can see how their outdoor seating was taken over by more mall in the second picture. It closed last weekend.

And now today I've heard that the iconic Uptown Rainbow Foods, with its bowling-alley signage that made it unique, is closing to make way for a huge, more upscale store to open in 2011.

I've only ever shopped at this grocery store since moving to Minneapolis in college. I dont know what I will do now... It is a very sad day, a sad year really for Uptown.
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