Thursday, July 2, 2009

today is the day

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Today so far has been spent sleeping in, reading the magazines that came in the mail (can I just say that I'm still upset about Domino? Okay.), and then going to the parents' house to go look through some things. It turns out that they have finally gotten around to redoing my old bedroom, even after years of knowing that I would never be using it again! It was up to me to select anything I wanted to keep and clear out anything I don't. Not hard, being that a lot of old stuff in my room was garbage. Old movie tickets and the like, you know.

Although, I did find AN AWESOME photo of Alex from high school (still debating whether I scan and post it or not! such a wittle babyface), a few dollars, and some important rings (like birthstones, class rings, and other memorabilia).

And I got to say hi to the kitteh.

Gosh, could this outfit be just a leeetle bit inspired by the lovely and adventurous Karla, with her skyscraping platform heels and vintage flair?! YES, I love her! And I've really liked her last few outfits. Check it out.

Also, I haven't really been wearing jeans much until this week, but it has been so chilly lately! Where is the sun and the heat and why am I not at the beach!? I thought this called for the BOYFRIEND jean, not really the boyfriends' of course... he's tall.

blouse: vintage Lloyd Williams
belt: vintage, from Blacklist Vintage
jeans: thrifted, from Savers
heels: Miss Me, traded at Buffalo Exchange
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