Tuesday, July 14, 2009

its time for some art

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(and of course, some poladroid) the following are some photos I have been stashing away in my pictures folder, because I think they are kinda neato. hopefully I will be making some actual artwork soon.

In order from top (in case you want to know), Alex at Summit Avenue Park in Saint Paul MN, furry boots at an antique store booth (?!?!), painting the office last year (Alex looks like a ninja about to chop my head off), a "sexometer" game Emma and I spotted at a flea market in Elko MN (we both scored very high fyi), early morning self portrait, perfect red radio flyer at the little bean studio where I work, a bunch of knees while we sit inside a spaceship sculpture at the MCAD Commencement Exhibition this May, Alex and Monkey, a large tree stump stuck in a chain link fence in Chicago, mugging for the camera in front of the Goodman Theatre, and some people checking out the winning photograph (MINE) at the MSF opening last summer. (phew!)
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