Monday, June 8, 2009


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6.8.09, originally uploaded by allison the valiant.

IMG_1907, originally uploaded by allison the valiant.

Today was my first day of officially being unemployed, as the theatre's season ended yesterday. Hopefully I will find a job-type thing soon, but for today I was lounging in my jammies and underwear watching various CSI shows all day and only got dressed to go pick up my work from an exhibition closing. Alex helped me when he got home from work. (PS: It was Connections: Documenting our Social and Cultural Links at the Mpls Photo Center.

Soon, we will make a delicious dinner of brats and beans! Too bad it isnt less overcast outside so that we could sit and enjoy our meal on the porch. Oh well, still delicious!! ps: My next post will be my 150th! What should I talk about!?!?

cardigan: H&M, $5
button front thermal: the boy's
jeans: joe's jeans, thrifted from Everyday People
favorite leather bag: vintage, from Everyday People
shoes: Steve Madden (I haven't been finding as many excuses to wear them as I had hoped, since they are so fancy. So I have been trying to incorporate fancy heels into my more casual outfits lately, how am I doin?)

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