Wednesday, June 10, 2009

150th post

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I couldnt decide what to post about today for my 150th blog post, so I decided to just throw in a little bit of everything. Get ready for a little bit of schizophrenia...

FIRST OFF, I wanted to share these awesome shoe-booties that I got from DSW the other day (I hope you can see them okay). They were super cheap in the first place, but I also had a DSW rewards $10 off coupon to use (finally!!) so I allowed myself to purchase them. I know I know, they may be a little cliche by now, as they are the knock-offy type that have been all over the blogosphere (and DSW's commercials ew), BUT I STILL LUF THEMMM SO MUCH.

I wore this to the Guthrie last night for "The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism with a Key to the Scriptures" by Tony Kushner. Actually very good despite being 3+ hours longgg. See it if you can (Im also looking forward to seeing "Caroline, or Change" but thats another story).

dress: Urban
cardigan: Thakoon for Target, thrifted from Everyday People
random tights
shoes: zigi Soho, from DSW
clutch: Alfani, thrifted from Opitz Outlet for $5!

In other news, I saw these here things as Tatters today as I was walking around Lyn-Lake (if anyone can suggest some good time-killing free things to do during the day, I would much appreciate it. I get so bored so easily). I can very proudly say that I didnt buy a single thing, and I didnt even have to leave my wallet in the car not to (let me brag - this is big). The cropped plaid blouse down there automatically reminded me of the APC summer "Madras" line. I think it would look so super duper cute with high-waisted jean shorts and a floppy hat. Also, those mustard-colored pants MAY LOOK kinda droopy and dated on the hanger I know, but actually they were a perfectt fit, and very Audrey Hepurn-Mary Tyler Moore-crop pant-esque. And that color just made them even better...

And last but not least, I have been searching for a little more grown-up porch furniture as of late. Alex and I plan to spend a good many summer day and night hanging out on the porch with friends, and so we may need more seating (or at least thats what Ive been telling myself). Not long after I had formulated the idea of getting a vintage sofa-style porch set from the 50s or 60s, do I spot this advertisement in the hardware store! Now obviously Im not in a place to shell out $675 buckaroos on a porch set, but arent these guys just DARLING??!

I wish... Maybe all you craigslist whores (like me) can keep your eyes peeled for me. Im looking for something a little more in the range of $25-$100. (Hey, there are people out there that dont know what they got, right???)

/// Allison
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