Wednesday, May 20, 2009

in the summer

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Okay, I've done a couple of alterations and DIYs, but nothing super fancy. Shini, over at Park&Cube however, does some serious DIYs and I am constantly inspired by her and others that make awesome things out of nothing. So when I saw these high-waisted mom jean shorts at the St. Vincent De Paul, I knew I had to try it. Shredding. I've never owned that perfect pair of cut-off shorts, and I feel like this summer is the time. I plan on spending my unemployed days on the beach and catching some rays as much as humanly possible. I might as well enjoy being unemployed and uninsured, instead of having anxiety attacks and stress headaches at home all of the time! AM I RIGHT?!?

What do you guys think, I'm not completely sold... They're not fitting as well as I thought they would (they were never worn, with tags so I figured they'd shrink down in the wash a little more), and all of the finger-numbing shredding I did basically turned into giant holes. But it still has the effect I was going for. Maybe I'll go take them for a test spin and let you know.

On another note, don't forget to check out Hello Ladies this week, lots of stuff is selling and we'll be adding more this week, hopefully! We'll let you know when that goes down. For shizzle.

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