Sunday, April 19, 2009

spring things

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Oh my gosh, bare legs and sunny skies! It has been so beautiful out lately, Minnesota!!! This wonderful weather is making me want to update my currently-very-winter-wardrobe with some springier things. Check out my running wish-list below. Items include floral print skirts and dresses, stretchy slinky dresses, and a pair of nude platform heels like Beth's (from the Vintage Society).

pics c/o: Clever Nettle's Estate Sale Etsy Shop (I LOVE this girl btw, I'm thinking of stealing her haircut!) Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, Go

In other, possibly maybe as exciting news, I have several new things on the blog! 1) Bloglovin! In the sidebar! Check it out! 2) A works section, sites and organizations I have done blogging and/or photography for 3) My current top favorite blogs. That way you know which ones I actually for reals read everyday (thanks to my Bloglovin!) and 4) Lots of new sites and blogs I've been reading for months but that had not quite made it to the blog-o-reel yet.

There you go! Peace out!
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