Sunday, November 30, 2008


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Now that the holidays are finally rolling around, I have been asked by some (boyf and rents) what I want for xmas. And honestly... I dont know! I sat down to write a list (because if I dont write a list I know I wont remember them) and I couldnt hardly think of anything! Of course, after a few days of letting that simmer, I came up with a few things.

Now, in the fashion of some of my favorite blogs (Mademoiselle Robot, Sally Jane Vintage, The Vintage Society), I thought I would convey my list to you this way...

Instant wish-list!

From top-left, clockwise:
moolah for framing (I am scheduled to be in a show in January and I cannot afford framing!), gift cards to H&M and Target (always useful), a long cardigan such as this one from Urban, a subscription to the NYT Sunday Edition (I had it for a class senior year, got rid of it and now I miss it so much!), maroon tights (these ones are "nifty" brand!), some incarnation of black knee-high boots (it's winter-time, I'm allowed), Jon & Kate plus Eight seasons one and two (a cable tv show I have become obsessed with), and last but not least the SATC dvd set (which I also miss now that I dont live with Katie anymore!! boo!)

Awesome checklist... CHECK.
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