Monday, September 15, 2008


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Does anyone else make checklists like this religiously? Or is this a little much, even for me?

I think that this particular list has come out of the fact that I just plain hate the cold. Maybe I am just trying to inject some hope in that the winter is looming just ahead of us in the future, or maybe I am just a list freak? Either way, I am proud of the simple fact that when I do make a list, I tend to follow it. And check things off in an quick and efficient manner. Maybe it is not even the list at all. Maybe it is just that I like to write things.

I've been thinking of photographing all of my lists, from planners and notebooks and sketchbooks. It would be interesting to look back at something like that, and to maybe draw similarities between lists. Hm.

ps. i added a bunch of links to my sidebar today. lots of photographers, anthony bourdain (why not), and a couple of random blogs. check 'em out!
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