Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Wow, it must have been one crazy week last week for me not to have posted at alls! Well, I did have a show open at the Center for Independent Artists. Which meant that there was framing to be done, labels to print, artist statements to tweak, and gallery walls to paint. I am glad it is finally up.

It was also a tough week at work. I have been really busy keeping up with the start of the season. We had Peter Pan open on the Cargill Stage last weekend, and Madeline and the Gypsies open on the main stage on Friday (so that means that I went to those). See reviews of them here, here, and here for Peter Pan; and here (ouch) and here for Madeline.

And then last night was the Ivey Awards. The Ivey's are basically the regional version of the Tony Awards, and one of the biggest galas in Minneapolis every year, I can assure you. Emma and I got to dress up, go to the awards show at the State Theatre and the after-party at the IDS center and Mission American Kitchen. (I hope you don't mind that I embed this, Emma! I love the music you put to it!)

Although we felt pretty special and fancy for going, and seeing all of our favorite local celebrities, we were disappointed in the after party. Drinks were $10, there was no where to sit, and the entertainment sucked (really awful dance-team-esque performance to Chicago? I think not so classy.

Either way we had fun, I think. Even though the CTC itself didn't get any awards. More updates soon, promise.
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