Friday, September 5, 2008


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I've been on the search for the perfect pair of unique glasses frames ever since last year, when I picked up these babies for $3 at a flea market.

I knew I wanted to put my prescription lenses in them, but I also knew that I didn't want to wear cat-eye glasses every day. They're just too much. I think I would probably only wear them for special occasions. So I finally kicked my search into high gear a couple of weeks ago when Emma got hers and I became jealous (this time, I'm copying you! sort of). But I looked at Via's Vintage, which has lots of great frames for both men and women, but not what I was looking for. And Tatters, which is a lovely vintage clothing store, but really doesn't have much for frames. They usually have more for men than for women. Plus, I did a lot of online shopping. But the problem with that is, I can't try them on. So I liked a lot of them and found some REALLY great vintage frame sites, but I didn't have the guts to make a purchase on faith.

So I decided to try again today, and went back to Via's and finally Visionary Optical in uptown, which actually might carry more vintage frames than new, even against Emma's warnings not to go cuz they are a-spendles... and this is what I found!

Via's (ps: keep in mind that all of these look a little bigger on me in the pictures than they actually were because cell phone cameras are really wide angle. although some of them actually were pretty big, I admit. like the second ones down):

These ones above are adorable and I was tempted to get them, but I wanted to get away from black frames, because that is what I currently have. But I also wanted something really neutral that would go with everything, and I could wear them everyday (so I thought something clear or white - the opposite of black - would be great.

Visionary (getting closer to what I want, because they had LOTS to choose from and a very helpful - and cute - sales lady):

Are you guys ready for THE WINNERS?!? The ones below I bought, for $90, so not bad. AND they are actually NOT vintage, go figure. But she said that they are an older discontinued style, probably from the 90's, which I am cool with because they are PERFECT. They are clear, square, and light plastic, which will alleviate my migraines when I get them. The heavy metal ones (heavy metal frames, man) I have now only aggravate my headaches.

YAY! I get them in a week or so (because I have to get an updated prescription eye exam first)!!
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