Monday, August 18, 2008


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IMG_4740, originally uploaded by avallant.

Since I've been boring you all with my own personal shelter porn lately, I think I should switch gears here and share something new! Aside from loving furniture design and art (which is of course, design) I also love fashion! I am so original! But if you haven;t heard of it, there is a group on flickr called wardrobe_remix, where people show what they are wearing and how they are wearing it. There's a lot of pride associated with getting something cheap, on sale, vintage, or even free! And on wardrobe_remix, you're allowed to brag, too. Show off your favorite party outfit, or oldest most sentimental band t-shirt.

I am proud, too, to say that this is my very first wardrobe_remix post! I figured that since I finally got my own blog, that I might as well get my own flickr as well. Get ready everyone with flickr accounts! Prepare for comments up the whazoo (and, hopefully, lotsa cute remixes)!

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