Tuesday, February 24, 2015

around the house

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Hey all, are you feeling completely done with winter where you are? I definitely am. I started working on a few projects in 2015 that I just cant wait to complete once spring comes around, but until that time, I've just been vegging out, and not accomplishing much of anything. For that matter, I haven't done much of anything for awhile now.

I worry that I've hit that point in homeownership where all of those things you had dreams of changing, are all just that now, a dream. I feel complacent in our space, now that 90% of the aesthetic changes we wanted to make are done. They are all done "for-now" but not done "the-way-I-inevitably-want-them" you know? I would still love to totally-overhaul the upstairs bathroom someday, and restore the exterior of the house (that is a whole nother story, my friends), but a little refresh to all things in the meantime makes it feel just fine, you know what I mean?

Every single wall in our house now (except for the attic, but I'll get to that in a minute) has received new coats of paint, virtually all of the fixtures have been replaced, and every room has almost all of the furnishings we need for them purchased and installed: beds, tables, rugs, etc. It all just feels like we're waaaiting to upgrade at this point. Like: We have a rug that functions for now, but eventually we'd like to upgrade to this one...

Do you ever feel like that, home / apartment owners? How do I keep my vision alive and well in my brain, and stay motivated until such time that I have the time and money to take on these projects? I dont want to stall out now and remain like this forever, dreams-deferred.

But at the same time, I realize that I am so fortunate to have come this far, to have done as much as I have. I try to remind myself what it all looked like when we first moved in, and the leaps-and-bounds better everything has become (and not just aesthetically, but functionally too!).

In the meantime, as we continue to putter away these last few weeks of winter, I'll leave you with some photos of the house as it is today, and will remind myself to enjoy them! Hope you are all safe and warm and well, friends. And here's to spring!

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