Wednesday, January 7, 2015

happy { renewed } year

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2014 was a pretty great year, but it was also a roller coaster. It was a year of great friends moving away, siblings moving closer (physically and emotionally), life-altering trips to europe, strengthening of new relationships and old, and there were heartbreaking losses to our little community. There were both uncertainty and celebration in droves. And countless (albeit meaningful) little things in between.

I know that 2015 will be even more of a trip, with three vacations already in the works (and it's only January, folks), two weddings and potentially big life-plans in the balance. Families are changing all around me. But this year, I hope to fit in as many time-outs for myself as possible. I need to learn to take better care of my mind and body, in order to keep up with it all, to fully soak it all in. Isn't life supposed to slow down as you get older? This year will be the last year of my twenties, and with my thirties inching ever-closer, I feel an itching to clean out the cobwebs. I feel a need to learn all of those things you're supposed to be good at when you become an adult. Like washing your face before bed every night, removing your makeup before it has a chance to crust itself into your pores like artifacts to haunt you years into the future. Like learning to better manage your finances, and pay off old debts, taking charge of your dreams once and for all. Like putting yourself out there more, going for what you want in life and especially in career; this is no time to rest on your Laurels.

But it all seems so daunting sometimes. There are things I should know how to do, and the idea that I need to learn them is at once overwhelming and exhilarating. This post has become weighty, but it was meant more as a pep-talk for myself, but we all need those sometimes, right? Here's wishing you all a happy, healthy, and most of all, an extraordinarily fulfilling new year.

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