Sunday, December 7, 2014

playin' around (...dreaming, you know)

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So here's the thing: I've been playing around with an exterior color scheme generator, lately. I know I know, woa slow it down a touch Allison, this is a dream big kind project, a several thousands of dollars project, a you-cannot-do-this-for-like-forever project. But a girl's gotta dream, right? And right now, I'm dreaming pretty big! Since we bought the house, I've hated the new vinyl siding and aluminum soffits / gutters installed on the house, it's such a shame! Originally, there would have cedar shakes under there, with clapboard! and maybe even some corbels! Oh my.. Someday, mark my words, I will restore the exterior to its former glory. And when I do, it will have a color scheme something like this I think. Please, ignore the crappy masking job I did, I was just so impatient to see what it would like like on my house!

Shakes and clapboard in Flagstone grey, and all of the other trim in Pepper Shaker, a shade slightly darker, with black storm windows and detailing on the porch! (only shown on the top stock photo, could get that detailed with my photo. But MMmmmmmm, amiright guys?

For reference, here is what it looks like now:


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