Sunday, December 21, 2014

fragrance wishlist

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My whole life, I have never been into perfumes. I probably went through a "body mist" phase in middle school, when those were big. Remember Bath & Body Works?? I think I even had one with a weird fine shimmer in it!? Sure, I've received a small bottle of perfume here or there as gifts, but I've never worn them on a regular basis. Until now, I've never really thought about fragrances much at all.

The difference I think, is that there are so very many natural, handmade and thoughtfully designed products out there now, that I haven't been able to help myself but pin a bunch of them to my wishlist! I've lately been into the idea of trying one (or a few) out, and then picking one that I think is subtle (and affordable) enough to become a part of my everyday routine.

So I thought I would make a roundup of some I would love to try. This works well as a gift guide too, with the Holidays coming up (hey, gift guides can be for yourself too, right??) Have you guys ever tried any of these, or any others that you would recommend?

Clockwise from top left:

No. 09 VallĂ©e de Farney parfum from Maison Louis Marie
Gypsy Water eau de parfum by Byredo - so pricey but sounds so gorgeous! I actually saw this on in person in Paris this fall, and it was so hard let me tell you not to buy a few of them!
Prairie Fire by Na Nin x HDH - handy roll-on!
Ace Smell by For All Time, via Need Svpply Co. - looks unfortunately out of stock, but I haven't given up on it yet.
Winter 1972 by CB I Hate Perfume (sounds perfect for me!) - hilarious story, I actually pinned this one it looks like years ago, and recently went to check out cool shop IDUN and fell in love with the fragrance all over again (in person!)
OLO fragrances - I would probably have to go with one of their newer scents called Lightning Paw, or an older one, Foret.

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