Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ermahgerd, shers.

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Do you guys remember that video from way back, "Oh my god shoes"? Yep, you know the one... THIS ONE. I cant. Believe. It's 5 years old already. From 2007, what?!? It seems like only yesterday my girlfriends and I would say "LETS GET SOME SHOES" all the time. And then we'd get some shoes!

Well, anywho I was just reminiscing about that video and singing it to myself a bit when I took this photo of my shoes this morning (below). AND THEN I REALIZED. I haven't taken a single wardrobe remix picture since moving into the house on Laurel. Nope! I hadnt even decided where my little remix spot was going to be... But I quickly remedied that situation by digging out my camera and tripod today and clearing all of the boxes from a wall in the room that will (someday) become my little studio. Yay! A triumph!

Here it is peeps, a pretty decent work outfit for me. This one is for when I'm feeling very Librarian. As I often do in the fall, when the leaves are turning and the cities look so beautiful and sunny and colorful! And I am also able to wear a sweater dress! The location of my outfit photos may change a few times as I rearrange my space, and the wall color will definitely change into something better than boring taupe. But I actually really like this instead of having windows behind me, like in my old photos at the apartment.

dress: cashmere sweater dress originally J.Crew, thrifted
blouse: originally Brooks Brothers, thrifted
vintage leather belt: thrifted
socks: Target?
shoes: vintage Bass, thrifted

Wow cool, unintentionally almost-all thrifted outfit today too? Awesome.
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