Thursday, June 14, 2012

date night (dot) luv

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When Alex and I moved in together in 2008, we both had busy full time jobs and lots of friends and etc, and we started realizing that we didnt spend much quality time with each other alone anymore, even though we lived together. Most of our time alone was spent curled up in front of the tv or crammed in the bathroom brushing our teeth in the morning! Great stuff, but not very romantic. So we carved out some time each week just for date nights, deciding on Mondays mainly because we knew things most likely conflict on Monday nights. AND I SWEAR YOU GUYS, it is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We usually go out to a new-to-us restaurant (or one of our all-time favs), since we are so obsessed with food. But we also go to movies, bowling, the Walker or walks/picnics in the park. It really reminds us to connect as a couple, and actually we tend to look forward to Mondays now (who does that?!)

So I would highly recommend it to all couples out there: married, dating, living together, not living together, have kids, newly dating, dating forever or what have you!

Here is an outfit I wore to our last date night. I had totally forgotten that I had this dress (or maybe rather, how much I like this dress!) We went to Red Stag in NE, which we rarely get over to, even though Alex has deemed their burger the "best burger he has ever had in his life." He always gets that. I got a spicy chili-infused mint julep (not for the faint of heart, actually!) and polenta. YUM. The night was ended with some Mad Men on the couch, if I remember correctly. We have been watching it from the beginning again, since we havent seen any of the new episodes and wanted to get back up to date with it first. Can I just say, it is so different the second time around?!?

dress: F21, years ago
fleur de lis necklace: etsy, gift from Alex!
sandals: vintage, thrifted
bag: vintage, Melrose Flea

PS: I am sporting the necklace Alex picked out for me for our first married anniversary, though you probably cant see it very well in this picture. He did such an awesome job (he snooped my Pinterest for something I liked, GENIUS)!

Also also, in a sort-of-related-fashion, I recently stumbled across this hobby compatibility quiz that Amanda from wit + whistle whipped up. What a curious and fun idea! Maybe Alex and I will go golfing or take a ceramics class next date night, we will see!
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