Monday, January 16, 2012


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Now, I wont deny the fact that I have a craigslist problem. I do... always have, really. There's just nothing like finding such incredible deals on beautiful, unique furniture in your area, just waiting for someone to take it home and appreciate it! But recently I've been bitten by the home-buyers bug (that's a whole 'nother story, my dears. One for another day...), and my problem has only gotten worse. I cant help patrolling craigslist (and lets be honest, the whole internets) for things "that would look great in our new house!" And things that "we're gonna have to buy if we get a new house." There are so many great things out there, folks. I wish I could get them all. For instance, all of these things:

These awesome gold-flecked fiberglass lampshades

This amazing Eames Lounge Chair (repro)

This mid-century sofa with amazing button detail

OMG THIS Homecrest patio furniture set!

This yellow/gold velvet tufted sofa

AN AMAZING dark grey wool/chrome sofa set (okay, so I'm especially a little sofa-crazy)

Adorable turquoise wooden stools (for an adorable kitchen bar area, amiright?!?)

The perfect solid wood Drafting Table for a home studio area!

This Herman Miller style chrome wire rocking chair

Antique industrial metal trolly cart (would make a great bar cart!)

Beautiful Bassett 6-drawer dresser and bed(droooooool)

I could probably keep going forever, but at this point I'm just babbling. Anywho, you get the idea. Snatch 'em up for me, will ya peeps?! PS: Speaking of the internets and all of its glory, in case you hadn't heard yet, the internet is going on strike on January 18th! I've signed up, so should you! STRIKE AGAINST SOPA. We can stop censorship now, if we band together and show the world what it would mean if the internet were censored by the government.

EDIT: OMGGGG somebody stop me from buying these!!!!

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