Thursday, July 7, 2011

photography inspirations

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I've been feeling pretty inspired lately.

I've been shooting film pretty regularly now, and getting some decent results (you can always take a look on my flickr). And there have been lots of good film photographs popping up here and there in places where I might least expect them, so I thought I would compile a short list of some of my recent inspirations!

Ali Bosworth (I cant stop staring at that last one!)

Photographs on the blog, by Carlie Armstrong. (She photographs with a twin lens and medium format film, just like I did in Hawaii! Maybe I was channeling her a bit. Dont worry, I'll get to those later.)

And all of the lovely photos that Anabela shares on her blog, fieldguided, that constantly inspire me.

PLUS, just today I decided that I really have to get my shit together and begin editing new work for the MCAD Art Sale this year. I KNOW it's not until November, but believe you me, once Fall semester rolls around, I am going to be knee deep in Art Sale planning at work. Which has left me completely at a loss for new work the last 2 years. And I only have 2 years left to participate! SO let this be my official "get your rear into gear miss allison!" note to self. Okay.
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