Tuesday, February 8, 2011


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If you havent noticed, I have been a little absent lately. I am going to continue to be a little behind in all aspects of my life for a little while, most certainly in blogging. Alex and my apartment was broken into last week and we were robbed of most of our valuables. This means that I am without a laptop and to be honest, I feel a little lost! We are totally fine now though, and will be reimbursed for our losses because we were both lucky enough to have renters insurance!*

*Everyone should totally have renters insurance btw, it is so cheap and so worth it, just in case! Alex and I never thought we would be robbed in this apartment, of all the apartments we have lived in... this one is in a pretty expensive area (You never know).

But in an attempt to retain some sense of normalcy, here are my wardrobe remix pictures since then, uploaded via my work computer (weird)! I feel like only recently have I achieved the winter wardrobe I've been striving for for years. Lots of black, stripes, wool and boots. I also tend to lean towards a more masculine and spare wardrobe in the winter, and then girly-girl it up once spring comes. Now if only I could look fashionable with all of my winter gear on... then I would be set (I envy anyone in a climate where they can bare their wrists to the cold outside much less their legs). But man, if we Minnesotans can make it through February, we will be in the springtime home stretch, WOOHOO!

ps: this also means that Ill have some cool new posts built up by the time I get my new laptop up and running, so we have that to look forward to... Stay warm today everyone! Its gonna be a cold one.
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