Monday, October 25, 2010

outfit inspiration for fall

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It always takes me a long time to get in the mood for fall. I am just not a huge fan of the cold weather. And then usually, by the time I enjoy dressing for fall, its the dead of winter. Bluck.

Anywho, I am starting to feel inspired! Some of the images below are just how I want to dress lately: simple, warm, layered, darker hues with pops of white or red thrown in (for kicks). And the first one almost sort of reminds me of my wedding dress, which I just purchased this weekend (HOLY CRAP-OLA)!

ALSO, I weeded out my closet for this season and have two GIANT bags to sell/get rid of. I really love this part, because I end up selling a few things and then buying one nice thing in exchange, for the new season. Its a great way to change up my wardrobe for the coming season. Plus, it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment when my whole closet is neat and tidy, and trimmed of the fat.

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