Monday, September 20, 2010

then and now

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Dear Blog,

Very sorry to have left you hanging for the last uhh... MONTH. A lot has been happening for me lately, not least of which is back to school, which means being super busy at work. Which means that I am on the computer all day, and dont have the stomach to do more computer-ing when I get home from work at the end of the day. And when I do, its usually wedding-related. But excuses, excuses...

But here I am to make up for it! I have been wearing some pieces (specifically dresses) two ways, one for summer and one more for the coming fall, I have noticed. So, inspired by my lovely fashion-blogger-colleagues, here are a few "worn two ways" photos! I've never really done a post like this before, save for some "before and after" alteration versions. Soon I will have some new and interesting posts in the shotgun and ready to go. Thanks for being patient with me!

Love, A

B&W Gingham Vintage Dress! Summer:


Black Roll-Up Sleeved Blouse, Summer:

And Fall:

The Cutest Vintage 70's Dress, Summer:

Aaaaand Fall(ish):

More to come!
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