Thursday, July 8, 2010

straw hat straw hat

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I found one that is perfect for me. It is small and doesnt make me look like I have no hair/a baby when I wear it! I know I'm really hoppin on the boater wagon pretty late in the game, but I didnt really think I wanted one. They're cute and all, and whenever I see them, I do think they're cute, but I just never thought I would wear one. But now that I've found one that suits me, I cant wait to wear it to the beach, and on walks around the lake with my baaaabes! (ps: walks around the lake, when you live right by one, are the best thing ever.) Thanks Lula Vintage, for this hat and the best shorts ever, that I will also share very soon I am sure!

CUTE STRAW HAT: vintage, purchased from Lula's today!
tank: hand me down from my good friend and old roommate Katie!
cardigan: years and years old, maybe Target?
jeans: Urban, denim sale
sandals: vintage, thrifted from Everyday People!

(pps: I love my new wardrobe remix spot, I get to take portraits with our gold radiator and rock band drums...)
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