Tuesday, July 13, 2010

okay fine I digress...

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I promise I wont turn this blog into a "how the wedding planning is going" blog. I PROMISE. But bear with me when I say that actually, getting inspiration for the wedding has actually opened up my eyes to a whole new world of note-worthy blogs! Cute crafty DIY blogs, party planning blogs, wedding apparel and fashion blogs, photographer's blogs, the list goes on! I've gained SO MUCH inspiration from some of these, I almost (definitely) have too many ideas that I would like to include in our wedding day (and everyday!). Its amazing! And so, I've made a few - what I am going to call - virtual inspiration boards, for what Alex and I are picturing our day to look and feel like, so that it can easily be translated to planners, mothers, vendors, and friends (pictures speak a thousand more words, dudes).

Here is what we want: a casual, intimate, picnic-style party. It will be outdoors, family style, and very homegrown (I know a LOT of artists you guys).

Proper photo credits tonight, when I am near my bookmarks! (I apologize PROFUSELY, and in advance, if I get anything wrong/forget anyone)!

**And SPEAKING OF weddings, Alex and I are now among the top three couples at Photogen-Inc to win their annual wedding photography/videography giveaway! If you're so inclined, go on over to their blog and vote for us!!!! We would be eternally grateful to you for your support. (Voting ends at 7am CST on Friday July 16th)**
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