Tuesday, March 9, 2010

simple inspirations

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I thought since I mentioned in my last post that I've been tending toward the more simple outfits lately, that I had better show you what I mean. I have been collecting some images lately from the street style sites, and they all seem to have the very basic, the structured pieces, lots of menswear-inspired pieces, and elegant shoes and accessories. Ever since I decided that I need some better quality staples (tees, leggings, tights, flat shoes) and got a bunch from American Apparel and as gifts for christmas, it just seems like thats the way I would like my outfits to go. Maybe a little bit more edge too... but that could be the lingering winter talking.

(photos from Park&Cube, wardrobe remix pool, The Sartorialist and Wayne Tippets)

Although I can't say the same for how I am planning to dress for spring!! I cant wait for little tiny floral prints, soft chiffon-like fabrics, feminine bows and bare legs... I want to live in all 20's and 30's summer dresses in cotton and lace. But I guess I'll save that for another post.

And since we are on the subject of fashion inspiration, I thought I would also do a little bit of imitation! I dont know about all of you, but whenever I see a piece of clothing in a street style or outfit photo that is eerily similar to one that I have, I have to try to remake the look! Now, Im generally not too keen on copying because I mostly find that the outfits that people make for themselves and that flatter them, never seem to have the same effect on myself. And thats because, I gather, that we do not usually have the same body type, or exactly the same cut of sweater, or what have you. So its never quite the same. But with a piece of that inspiration, and a little bit of tweaking, I sometimes like the end results. These two below are examples of things I might have put together for myself and I like quite a bit.

This first picture is a look from the Topshop Unique F/W 10-11 line, images stolen from Style Bubble, because I couldnt find them on tfs. (Does ANYONE know how to navigate that shit?) And the other is an unidentified street style shot. I think its from Wayne Tippets (my new favorite), but I could be wrong.
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