Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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I've been having some pretty good luck lately. It all started with some free cameras that a friend picked up. A WHOLE BOX of 35mm once used by the government (I cant get over imagining that they were used to take gruesome crime scene photos and super-secret spy evidence photos. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?)! I tried to be good and only picked a few things out of the pile for myself. I started with a nice old Pentax 35mm with attached fixed-lens, then grabbed a lens-cap, a newer strap I took off of one of the newer crappier 35s, a couple of flash heads (one frontward facing one adjustable), and this kooky other talking camera! Its probably from around the eighties, not great in quality of course, made of plastic, fully automatic... But I couldnt leave it there by itself, its just so silly! You can turn on a voice function that beeps and talks to you to let you know when you need to use the flash, or when you forgot to load the film. AWESOME. Cant wait to take that one out in public. Haha.

And then when I was doing my thrifting, without much thinking about it, I happened to find the perfect pair of light denim shorts for this summer! They are nice and worn in, but without any holes yet, and fit perfectly, with a little bit of that slouch that makes it look like you're not even trying. I wasn't even thinking about shorts yet either. I'm still looking to score cheap vintage coats that no one wants, so I was surprised to see these hanging on a rack all by themselves and knew immediately that I had to have them. Luckily they fit me, because if they hadn't I would have dug tirelessly through the shorts aisle until I found the right pair. The vintage pumps are from the same trip. A little bit big and similar to the ones I just got I know, but they have a strap and and are super comfortable! And they're a neutral color, which again, is perfect for me. I know for sure they'll get some wear.

This week I've been helping out at the CTC (my old workplace), and was killing a little time before a shift on Thursday night, when I stopped at the Corner Store. It's a little vintage shop that I hardly EVER go to because in my past experiences the prices are a little more expensive, and they generally have a lot of leather, cowboy boots, and Levi's... that kind of thing. Not usually my style. BUT THIS TIME oh my god, they got an amazing shipment of dresses in and I couldn't help but try on a good 10 of them. What a surprise! This one was hanging in the window and I ALMOST FORGOT about it, but made sure to try it on at the last minute. The bust seems a little bit snug or too high or something, but I just am in love with the tiny black flower print and sheer fabric cut below the knee, and for $20 I couldn't pass it up.

It's exactly what I've been dreaming about lately (thanks to The Snail and the Cyclops). I guess my standing on this place has changed a little, and I will have to stop in more often and see if they keep it that way. I bought another dress with this one too, and its been shipped off to the tailors with a pile of things I have been saving up (finally!), but I picture wearing both dresses to picnics, the State Fair, walks along the lake this summer, and maybe even a wedding. I can't wait!! I just want the warm weather to be here to stay already! (I guess it almost is...)
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