Wednesday, March 3, 2010

250th post?

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I have now had (dot)luv for almost 2 years and 250 blog posts! Wow, that really snuck up on me! I must have totally spaced numbers 100 and 200!?! Well anywho, as I sit here and think about what my 250th post should contain, and drink a glass of (cheap) wine, I will toast to you new computer! Shiny new 13" MacBook Pro is already loads better than my last PowerBook G4, I cant believe I waited this long to take the plunge... I am loving you and your little built in camera already little one!

Maybe I will use this post more as a commemorative marker to look back on in future months (or years?), and less about the content and relavance to the topic of this blog. Here are some things I am in to right now.

Vintage photographs (thanks anja - of Clever Nettle - for getting me into collecting something that most certainly will be never-ending!) I am especially finding myself drawn to tiny little bordered ones, like these! What am I going to do with them now??

THIS DRESS! I know I already made a quick post about it, but I can't wait for spring to officially be here so that I can wear the (ridiculous amounts of) spring dresses I've been collecting this past fall/winter. I didnt realize it until the other day, but I really need to just choose one or two to add to the permanent collection, and then let go of a few more in my closet! There are too many!

Shooting 35mm film with my silly little Rollei point and shoot camera (with two, count 'em TWO panoramic settings?!?) What will I do with these pictures, I also wonder? Hopefully they will manifest themselves into something like a body of work in the near future. I feel like I've been working on a loose idea in my head for them for so long, it would be nice to see them solidify a little more. (Art, art, art... blah blah BLAH)

And this boy. Love him more and more everyday. He is the best thing EVER to laugh, cry and spend every day with. Isnt this the best picture of us yet (on the scenic parkway in Duluth recently)?!? I do have lots of favorites already though... I wonder where we will go and what we will see in the near future? (Although I am hoping Napa Valley is in there somewhere!)

/// catcha later!
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