Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Recent Press

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Man, time must be flying by! I havent posted here on dotluv for over a week, and it doesnt feel like that long at all! Well, I wanted to quickly thank a couple of ladies for featuring us on their blogs recently!!

This first one isnt very recent, but the always generous Eyeliah at did a little post about holiday dresses, with a gold and black chiffon dress from the Hello Ladies Shop in it! Now, I really love this dress and wished that it was in my size (how many pieces do I pine over realllyyyy), and thanks to Eyeliah the dress sold that very same day!

And then the other day, I got a lovely email from Jessica at Lola Vintage about a post she did about plaid wool dresses, including one from the Hello Ladies Shop! Well how nice... OH ALSO it looks like she's got a great etsy going. Thanks, Jessica!

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