Monday, October 12, 2009

thrifting adventures!

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Iv been on a thrifting kick lately (and by kick I mean that I think about thrifting 90% of the day, and only go thrifting twice in the last few weeks, you know what I mean, its ALL CONSUMING). Ive mentioned it already but I really did make away like a bandit at one place the other day (its a secret! haha jk lollllsters)...

Let me just say that I LOVE it when thrift stores set up their Halloween "Boo-Tiques" in October. Basically, that means that there will be lots of old, vintage stuff that no one else wants and that theyve been stockpiling all year. Sometimes its funky 70's bridesmaid dresses and bad 80's formals, but once in a while you hit the jackpot. Behold, here are just some of the things that Ive managed to photograph for the shop.

There is a bunch more that I have to sift through as well, and decide when I can post them on Etsy (we already have a bunch of fall stuff up now). PS: Emma, I've also got a few things that are just for you. I am saving them until you can take a look!

In other less exciting and more nerve-wracking news, I just found out when my panel review session will be for a recent Arts Grant I applied for. There are 68 other applicants all vying for the same thing, yikes! I know for sure that I have to go and watch what the panelists have to say, but am super-nervous all over again. Oh well, Ive got a few more weeks to ignore the mere thought of it...

In the meantime, I plan to go to the apple orchard, carve pumpkins (with or without Alex! He doesnt like to), and make lots of soups and stews in the hand-me-down crock pot I got from my mom! I know these plans are the same for everyone else out there, but gosh darnit its time. Its FRICKIN SNOWING OUTSIDE TODAY. I kid you not.
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